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Office 365 Security

How to Add Extra Layers of Protection to Microsoft Office 365 Security

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications such as Microsoft Office 365 have turned business into an all-encompassing affair.

But the cloud is fragile. Data breaches are happening at a record pace, and as more companies rely on cloud computing they’re bound to rise further. Combine the escalation of data breaches with the General Data Protection Regulation, which requires enterprise companies to strengthen data security practices or face steep fines, and the need for stronger cloud data privacy and security measures becomes clear. And that means tightening the security of one of the most popular SaaS providers in the world, Microsoft Office 365.

This eBook will discuss how an enterprise organization can add extra protection to Office
 365 with built-in features and tools and third-party services such as eperi Gateway to improve global compliance and to better protect sensitive company data.

Available as PDF (2.7 MB), 30 Pages.

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